Conference: March 19-22, 2018
Exhibition: March 20-21, 2018

Gaylord Opryland Convention Center
Nashville, TN

PRB Coal Users’ Group Sessions

Tuesday, March 20

  • Speakers
    • Chairman of PRB Coal Users' Group
      Andy S. Dobrzanski, Production MGR, DTE Energy
    • Chairman of EEI Loss Control Fire Protection Task Force
      Larry Shackelford P.E., Principal Engineer-Risk Management, Southern Company Services
The phone call that you never want but got! This presentation is a case study of a 1995 conveyor fire that shut down a major utility. Considering recent and continuing incidents involving conveyor fires, revisiting this significant event for an update on the discoveries, the causes, and the lessons learned so to prevent and to prepare for such an event.

Hear directly from the recipient of "the phone call," the lessons learned, and how one can apply the lessons so your phone doesn’t ring!
  • Speaker
    • Jim Wiseman, Board of Directors - Prb, Wiseman Consulting Services

9:35 AM — 10:00 AM — PRB18 - Tuesday Morning Coffee Break

10:00 AM — 10:50 AM — PRB18 - Coal Contract Strategies

10:50 AM — 11:40 AM — PRB18 - Plant of the Year

Kina survived a horrific workplace accident that left her fighting for her life. Kina is now a safety speaker, inspiring and motivating audiences all over with her presentation "Safety Beyond PPE". Kina’s message addresses the importance of training, safety procedures, and a great attitude can keep you and the people around you safe.
  • Speaker
    • Kina Repp, Safety Done Right

1:50 PM — 2:20 PM — PRB18 - Tuesday Afternoon Coffee Break

This will be an emotionally charged story of a great man, Wendell G. Smith, who tragically lost his life in an industrial accident on April 11, 2016. The story will demonstrate that extremely bad consequences can be experienced even with the most highly trained and skilled craftsmen. Specifically, the story will highlight how even the smallest changes in a work scope can take the very best down a path they never planned to travel. It will reinforce how decisions made by employees in the work environment not only affect them, but their family and co-workers as well. The story will leave a lasting impression on the listeners and will challenge them to passionately share Wendell’s story back at their respective companies and work location with a common desire to ensure nothing like this ever happens again.
  • Panelist
    • Eric Hassell, Support Manager, Luminant
  • Speaker
    • Alex Mosley, GM Hydro Generation, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

3:10 PM — 4:00 PM — PRB18 - Maintenance Strategies Changes

Wednesday, March 21

11:40 PM — 1:00 PM — PRB18 - Tuesday Lunch on the Exhibit Floor

8:30 AM — 9:15 AM — PRB18 - "Do they know you, Do you know them?"

Alliant Energy Ottumwa Generating Station is a 725 MW Pulverized coal unit located in Southern Iowa. Extensive work has been done at the facility to improve the safety, reliability, and operation of the coal handling equipment at the station. The presentation will cover processes, practices, and projects that have been implemented to help with coal dust management and overall coal handling operations.
  • Speaker
    • Matthew Hanson, Plant Manager, Alliant Energy

8:30 AM — 9:20 AM — PRB18 - Lessons Learned, Lessons Applied: Hot Reheat Line Failure

Drone Coal Pile Inventory Management discussing how Big Brown mine is using drones to better (faster, cheaper, and more accurately) quantify coal pile inventory relative to conventional technology. 
  • Speaker
    • Jeff Salomon, P.E., Engineering Manager, Big Brown & Turlington Mines, Luminant
Pulverizer Pressure Excursion Fleet Learnings Team discussing the results from Luminant’s mill puff fleet team highlighting the development of primary air duct explosion panels as a novel defense strategy. 
  • Speaker
    • Ben Lawrence, Engineer, Luminant

9:20 AM — 10:10 AM — PRB18 - MATS Compliance: What Have We Learned?

10:00 AM — 10:45 AM — PRB18 - PANEL DISCUSSION: Managing Coal Silo/Piles During Changing Times

Mercury Characterization discussing measuring mercury quantities and species at various points throughout the combustion and AQCS train to better understand where and how mercury exits in the process to refine the mercury compliance strategy for a specific unit. 
  • Speaker
    • Bill Mallory, Luminant

10:45 AM — 11:30 AM — PRB18 - Case Study: Dust Hazards Analysis

10:45 AM — 11:30 AM — PRB18 - Lessons Learned, Lessons Applied: The Milcreek Story

Coal mill equipment failures can result in fire, costly repairs, forced outages and injury to personnel. Implementing a strategic maintenance program can help reduce cost, unplanned failures, and safety risks. This presentation will give an overview of technologies and processes Westar is using to improve the reliability and performance of their 34 coal mills.
  • Speaker
    • Patrick Stegman, Coal Mill Engineer, Westar Energy

11:30 AM — 1:00 PM — PRB18 - Wednesday Lunch on Exhibit Floor

11:30 AM — 1:00 PM — PRB18 - Wednesday Lunch on Exhibit Floor

11:50 AM — 1:00 PM — PRB18 - Wednesday Lunch on Exhibit Floor

  • Speaker
    • Failure of a Suspended Scaffold and Rescue of Employees
      Jeff Mullins, Safety & Health Consultant, Lightstone Generation, LLC. - Gavin Power , LLC
  • Speaker
    • Brian Ford, Fire Protection Prog Mgr, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
  • Speaker
    • Ronald Woodfin, Program Manager – AGIC Risk Engineering (Fire Protection & Emergency Response), AES Corporation

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